All-in-one contract automation.

Juro is the contract automation platform that empowers legal & business teams to streamline routine contract workflow in one unified workspace.

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A home for your contracts.

It can take hundreds of steps across multiple tools just to get one contract safely agreed. This manual process is painful for all departments of your business. Juro replaces Word, DocuSign, GDrive, GSheets and more to streamline contracts and eliminate bottlenecks.

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Collaborative workflows.

Juro helps legal and business teams to collaborate securely, in one place. Our no-code workflow builder puts everyone on the same page and helps you keep control while you're growing like crazy.

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Self-serve contracts.

Enable self-serve on routine contracts. Juro’s in-browser template editor brings together contract text, integrations and native eSignature with the right controls in place.

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Data-rich repository.

Unlike legacy contract management platforms, which are designed for handling offline files, Juro's dynamic repository is built on a flexible data layer. This allows you to query your contract data at any time, as well as removing information silos across teams.


Contracts where you need them.

Visionary legal teams use Juro to enable teams like Sales, HR and Procurement at the point of requirement and from the systems they use every day.

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  • Scaling legal across multiple markets at lightning speed

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    “The way Juro works meant that it was so intuitive and easy to pick up and run with it. It was a godsend.”
    Deliveroo User

    Cameron Russell, Rewards Team

  • Delivering an amazing contract experience at a key moment in real people’s lives

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    “Before it took between 15 and 25 minutes in Word to set up a contract for one customer. With Juro it takes less than a minute.”
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    Sharief Abdel-Hadi, Operations Team

  • Creating business partnerships in minutes with frictionless contract management

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    “Juro makes it extremely easy to manage contracts, and there’s less room for human error.”
    Wolt User

    Juho Uitti, Sales Team